cookie babau

The Cookie Babau

Even though scared kids confuse him for the mostly known BaBau ( which is from the same species ), the Cookie Babau is quite friendly indeed. He may appear near glasses of milk left by children before the night comes. The Cookie Babau, as the name suggests, loves cookies but his nature has always been against his desires. In fact, as other monsters of the Babau species, he’s not tall enough to reach the high tables of normal kitchens so strange friends pop out of his thick fur and start calling out for “cookies!” ( always at night, of course ). For survival purposes those voices can be heard only by kids and some rare adult still deeply obsessed with cookies. As He’s quite a strange and unusual friendly creature most children think he’s just a dream and easily forget about him; the ones scared of him will always think he was the renowned Babau so, still at our times, you won’t find mention of him in any book except an old collection of german tales where there’s a story about a Babau which loves cookies: “Das Blaue Monster kocht Unser Abendessen” often translated as “The Blue Monster who cooked us dinner”.


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